Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life in the Gambia and bring hope and development to its people.

Generally, the work of our Organization is aimed at targeted assistance to children in the form of charitable donations from sponsors and patrons, as well as providing material, technical, information, legal and humanitarian assistance through charitable events and programs. 


In the moment of foundation of Different Gift organization we listed four following objectives: 

1) Children, Mothers and Families are well nourished.

2) Everybody have access to essential health services.

3) Everybody has right for education.

4) Support  the development and commercialization of competitive services and products in order to improve economic growth and the quality of life of all Gambian people.

We understand that reaching these goals is a lifelong journey and we can not change everything by ourselves. Still, we think that it is important to remember that even if one person can not change the world, one person can make a difference to somebody else life.  

Therefore, we want to offer you an easy way to do the right thing and help those who need help the most. We want to be trustworthy organisation and make our actions transparent. At this moment all the workers of the organization are volunteer so all the given money goes straight to the people in need.