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Fama Sey
Fama Sey

Story of Fama Sey

Fama Sey is an adorable 8-years old girl from The Gambia, West Africa. She is happy, outgoing, brisk girl. She goes to school and her dream is to be a doctor when she grows up. 

On the 26/07/2018 her life got a sad turn, when a fast moving car knocked her down on her way to the school. She immediately lost consciousness and was bleeding from natural orifices. She went to coma for 2 months. She was initially admitted at the kanifing General Hospital Serekunda for few days prior to her referral to Edwards Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul. She was stabilized at the Accident and Emergency ,the femoral fracture was immobilized with skin traction and was put on pain medication, antibiotics, vitamins and fluids. She was then admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where she spend 3 months prior to transfer to the pediatric surgical ward. 

According to the medical Doctors and the surgical teams the girl needs and overseas operation. Due to the family conditions they can't afford to support her financial bills for the operations. 

She is currently discharged and to follow-up at the surgical outpatient clinical and physiotherapy. We are asking for aid from stakeholders, private , government, NGO philanthropist, and even Individual support to help Fama Sey to get better. 

Even a small donation can change this young girls life.

One surgery. Entire new life. 

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Fama Sey before the accident 



Fama Sey after the accident