Our organization and founders

Different Gift (DG) NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization, founded in spring 2014 in the Gambia. We work to create a long-lasting positive change in the lives of children, mothers and families living in poverty. Our office is located in Latrikunda, Gambia. 

DG helps people in the Gambia through development programs and special urgent projects. We aim to help people in poverty without forgetting long -term community development projects. We provide help in emergencies, as well as long term need regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender. At this moment we are focused on a project to help children start to school in the poor areas of the Gambia. We develop continuously our functions and create new projects to help.

The projects and the results are presented in our web site, our blog, and the social media, because we want to make our functions to be transparent to everyone.

Who are we?

We, as the founders of DG, manage the operational functions of the organization in Spain. We both have a daytime job elsewhere and we are running Different Gift in our free time. Therefore, all the workers of the Different Gift are volunteers, including us.

Why we chose the Gambia?

The Gambia is an  important country for both of us. We have lived there before and so the culture and its practices are familiar to us. We have seen that people in the poor areas of the Gambia really need help but at the same time we have learned to understand the beautiful characteristics of African culture. In the western countries we have so much to learn about Africans: the way how people take care of each other and how the problems are solved as a community, nobody is left alone.

Any help is always welcomed by us.

With Best Regards, 

Mrs. Katariina Karesvaara and Mr. Sulyaman Njie